coro - los medanos

The city of Santa Ana de Coro is one of the oldest in Venezuela. Founded in 1527 by Juan de Ampíes today still retains much of its history. Indeed, in the old colonial town you can see many of the buildings of the era, which has earned to be appointed by Unesco as Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 1993. One of the things that is striking in Coro is the color of the houses. The strong blue contrasting with the reds, yellows and ochres. These bright colors and tropical impress upon the city a sense of joy and a unique colonial architectural dimension. We recommend a visit to the Cathedral of Coro, a sixteenth-century architectural masterpiece of great value. Coro's charm does not end here. You can also visit the famous sand dunes, the Botanical Garden, La Vela de Coro where he became the precursor of the independence of Venezuela Francisco de Miranda and Hueque Falls.

Along Coro are Los Medanos, an extraordinary desert 40 km squares that are about the sea. The formation of this desert is due to the accumulation of sand formed by the weathering of rocks. Then this sand by the constant action of wind, is accumulated in piles, especially when you find something that stops them, and you are going to form dunes, which continuously change their shape as they are in constant motion. That is also why the dunes have been called sand nomads. The dunes forms sandy mounds up to 40 feet high. Only a fifth of the world's deserts are sandy as Los Medanos.

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