In the northeastern part of Venezuela, Puerto La Cruz and Cumana, is Mochima National Park which stretches over an area of 95,000 hectares. The attraction of the park lies in the combination of mountains, tropical forests are home to diverse vegetation falling into the sea, beautiful beaches, lots of islands consist of immaculately white sands and transparent waters neatly, many virtually untouched, as Caracas and Islands Chimane Islands, to which can be reached by boat service that is available in the area.

There is also the extraordinaries Gulf beaches of Santa Fe, Archipelago Borracha, Manare Peninsula and one of the most spectacular tourist destinations in Venezuela: Playa Colorada surrounded by lush palms. This beach is golden in color, almost red, hence the name. Mochima provides a wide variety of habitats such as coral reefs and small seabed of singular beauty, mangroves and xerophytic shrubs in its coastal area, also has rain forests in the mountains of Turimiquire with a high percentage of endemic flora. In the park there are 78 species of mammals, 28 species of reptiles and 150 bird species.

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