The Amazonas State is located in southern Venezuela, where Bolivar state boundaries to the north, the Republic of Brazil, the state of Bolivar and Brazil to the east and the Republic of Colombia to the west. Its name is due to its geographical location, which corresponds to the Amazon region.

Among the Indians of the region for about 17 ethnic groups are: the Yanomami, Guahibo, Piaroa and Yekuana, each with their language, religions, traditions and customs.

To the north, east and south there are numerous mountains, including Maigualida, Marahuaca, Unturan, Parima Tapirapecˇ, The Fog, and Aracamuni Imeri, among others.

In this state comes the main river of Venezuela, the Orinoco, on the hill makes Delgado Chalbaud and after covering 2140 km. depositing water into the Atlantic Ocean.

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