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It is a city that has been underpriced for tourists, but has many beautiful things. Ret... see more

Los Roques

Los Roques is one of the last paradises in the world and is considered a national park ... see more

Puerto Ordaz

Modern industrial city on the banks of the Orinoco river, a meeting point between the o... see more

gran sabana

The country's largest plateau in the region of Guiana, an infinite space interrupted on... see more


One of the largest national parks in the world, characterized by that shedding Churum R... see more


The Orinoco River, one of the world's longest rivers, flows into the Atlantic Ocean, fo... see more

puerto la cruz

The city that never sleeps! Puerto La Cruz, located in Anzoategui State, in the northea... see more

isla de margarita

One of the most famous destinations of Venezuela for its electrifying night life, but e... see more

los llanos

The vast plains of the Llanos are a frontier land populated by ranchers and cowboys. Lo... see more


The lush greenery of Merida is unique in the world. Territory charming with the peaks o... see more


Between the populations of Tucacas and Chichiriviche, about 130 km and 300 km from Cara... see more

isla la tortuga

It takes single-engine plane from Caracas or Margarita Island to get here. It covers an... see more

coro - los medanos

The city of Santa Ana de Coro is one of the oldest in Venezuela. Founded in 1527 by Jua... see more

ciudad bolivar

Ciudad Bolivar is a city that holds the country's most historic places in its streets a... see more


In the northeastern part of Venezuela, Puerto La Cruz and Cumana, is Mochima National P... see more


The Amazonas State is located in southern Venezuela, where Bolivar state boundaries to ... see more

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